Friday, February 3, 2012

Street Food

For me, street food is a less expensive, more authentic way to experience a country's culture through food.

This morning, on my way to try and complete class registration for the umpteenth time, I grabbed a version of Ghana's breakfast sandwich. The two, large slices of bread are thick, warm, and slightly sweet (it would make for some delicious french toast); the fried egg with pepper and onion and a little cheese complement the sweetness really nicely. YUM!  If I haven't sold you on it yet, this breakfast cost me the equivalent of about eighty cents.
As the first "official" week of classes comes to a close, I report, with a little pleasure, that I only had one class this week. The pictures below show how two of my classrooms looked when I showed up at the scheduled time. Per university policy, I waited thirty minutes passed the scheduled class time in case the professor showed up. Thirty minutes later, the pictures remained the same.

"Ghana time" at its finest, better luck next week!

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