Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mixed Messages

I had two lectures scheduled for Wednesday afternoon/evening.

I arrived at my history course, Ghana in the 19th and 20th centuries, and was elated to see Ghanaian students in the classroom...and two professors!


...For twenty minutes.

After distributing the syllabus and providing an overview of the class, the Professor dismissed us "in the name of Ghana," as the football match was about to start. Ghana had advanced to the semi-finals of the African Cup.

The equation seemed simple: football > school

Two of my friends and I proceeded to a restaurant to watch the match. We made it to the 70th minute of the game, and a minute before the scheduled start of our next lecture, before we headed up to the lecture hall. At this point the score was 0-0. We assumed no one would be in the classroom, the game was ongoing and still tied for goodness sake.

Low and behold the professor, and many students, were in the lecture hall. The professor proceeded to start his powerpoint. The second slide, "rules of engagement", informed students they should arrive for class at least five minutes before the scheduled start time.

My simple equation was reversed: school > football

This professor lectured for the full two hours. TWO HOURS. A two hour lecture...OMGGGGGGGGG. I can barely get through 75 minute classes at Tech.

Thing I have realized I take for granted prior to coming to Africa #234: chairs with cushions

The U of G classrooms feature good, old fashion wooden benches or those wooden chair/writing arm piece combinations. Two hours in class. Two hours in class on a wooden bench. Two hours in class on a wooden bench when the fate of the Ghanaian football team is unknown.

A lot of shifting around/fidgeting later, I had made it through my first full lecture at the U of G! We covered some interesting topics, including the UN Millennium Goals. There is a lot of work to be done before 2015...

Today, I had my religions course, Islam in Ghana. I really liked the professor. While he also taught for the full period, the class went by pretty quickly! I didn't find myself checking Kelly's watch every five minutes. Two hours and several pages of notes later, my hand was a little sore.

As an Obroni, I have a little trouble understanding the professors, but I think my ear with adjust with time.

I'm kind of a of those people who likes school. I took my job as Scholarship Chair for ADPi pretty seriously...hehe lols. I like learning. I'm really excited that classes are underway and I'll be learning about things that are totally new to me.


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