Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ghanaian Eats II

On Saturday, the University hosted the Welcome Durbar for international students. The Durbar showcased Ghanaian culture with multiple musical performances and lots of food! Following the food, more drumming and dancing ensued, but my friends and I had taken advantage of the free food (buffet style) a little too much to take part...hehe. I think our priorities were in the correct place. I am taking a traditional African dance class, so I will have plenty of time to dance throughout the semester.

One of my favorite dishes at the Durbar was this unidentified soup.The tomato-like base was spicy and the meat was really tender! I assumed the chunks of meet were beef, I was later told it could have been goat...regardless, it was good.

Today, two of my Ghanaian friends made us Red-Red, fried plantains and beans, for lunch. For a real treat, they also added fish. I took pictures (my internet is pretty weak right now, so more pictures to come!) and made mental notes, so I can make it for them next time!

Palm Oil
Vegetable Oil
Fish (optional)

Step 1. Cook beans
2. Combine palm oil, salt, onion, and tomatoes in saucepan over medium heat
3. Peel and cut plantains and soak them in salt and water

4. Add plantains to simmering oil
5. Turn each piece of plantain when the other side is brown and crispy
6. Remove plantains from oil and strain when both sides are brown and crispy,
7. Add fish and beans to saucepan and combine
8. Grab a bowl/plate and enjoy

The recipe is pretty simple, but it is delicious!

Additional notes: I think the bean mixture would also be really good over rice. I also prefer thinner slices of plantain (nice and crispy!), so I might cut mine that way the next time I make it.

Give it a shot, Ashleigh Zuke?

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  1. I WISH I WISH I WISH! I love that you put the recipe here :0) I think I can find most of this in my friendly South Main Kroger. Love you Em! Keep up the posting, I love it! Miss you lots!