Friday, February 10, 2012

The Muffin Lady

I think it is about time that I post about Auntie Louisa, the muffin lady.

To be completely honest, Auntie Louisa is a little sketchy. She just has a look about her that makes you wonder a little bit. 

All international students engage in a little jig with her as we walk back to our hostel  in the evenings. She is seated on the curb, next to her plastic bin of homemade goods. Occasionally, she will be standing up, performing a dance/aerobics number. As you walk past, she speaks out, "My brothers, my sisters, you are my only real friends." She entices you to look at what she has brought, "tantalizing" is one of her buzz words. 
While the whole affair seems questionable (rightfullly so), Auntie Louisa's reputation precedes her. Students who have studied here previously swear by her chocolate banana muffins. While these muffins were rumored to cause bad dreams, I happily report that I am now a regular customer and have yet to experience any adverse side effects.

Tragically, by the time I arrived last night to purchase my banana chocolate muffin, she had none left. WHAT?!? Heartbreaking. As expected, she convinced me to try something else, and as a consolation to the muffin disappointment, gave me a mango scone for half price.

The mango scone was good, but it was no chocolate banana muffin.  

The things I will do for sweets...

Hi, my name is Emma and I'm a sweetoholic...nothing we didn't already know!

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  1. hahahaha so glad you didn't go crazy after the potentially hallucinogenic muffin. Love you! Wishing I could spoil you with Valentine baked goods hehe aka I need someone who appreciates it to come eat with me. Love you! xoxo Tell Auntie Louisa I said hi :0)