Wednesday, February 1, 2012

GT...It's a Waiting Game

Happy February, everyone! 

It is hard to believe I have been here almost two weeks. While the days seem to fly by, I must admit that "Ghana time" (GT for short) is far from the accelerated pace a typical college student in the U.S. experiences.

Classes technically started on Monday...thus far, I have been to zero classes. Many professors/Ghanaian students simply don't show up the first week of classes. Additionally, I still have classes that have not been assigned time slots. I check daily with the departments and always receive the same response, "the timetable should be up by (insert day here)." I have two classes scheduled this afternoon, but I am not holding my breath!

Speaking of students not showing up, I have yet to get a roommate! Ten of my 12 program members are happily settled with their Ghanaian counterpart. The luckiest of the them now have access to a mini fridge in their room*! As someone who has been drinking about a liter and a half of warm water everyday, I am very envious. For me, it looks like tepid water will stay the norm. There are many worse things in life, one of which being limited access to sweets. I must pick my battles, and cold water is simply less a priority than satisfying my sweet tooth.

I am also waiting to get started with my volunteer work. The organization I am most interested in is a school/center for children and adults with "mental disadvantages." As the organization's wording is a little vague, I am unsure if that means learning disabilities, mental illnesses and/or everything in between. They requested a copy of my CV, so I sent that off and I hope to get started soon. I am a little apprehensive because corporal punishment is not uncommon in Ghanaian schools.

On a happier, conclusive note, I am not waiting on Mumee. It's official, she is visiting Ghana!  She arrives a month from today, WAHOO! Many of my friends here have family or significant others visiting, but my parents are off to Tasmania this spring and Thomas is in Rome. I have simply come to the realization (not for the first time), that Mumee loves me more than they do! Hehehehe. I can't wait to share and explore Ghana with my number one travel companion.

*International Student Hostel 1, my place of residence, is a hot commodity. We have been told it is one of the nicest places to live on campus . From what I can tell, living in ISH1 has a similar prestige to living on the lawn at UVA, and the Ghanaians who live here seem to be fairly well-off. My friend Katie's roommate has a car, SCORE!

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