Sunday, February 19, 2012

One Month Anniversary

On Friday, Africa and I celebrated our one month anniversary, what a momentous occasion! I'm sure you are wondering how I spent this special day.

 My friend Kelly had been feeling pretty badly for about a week, so on Friday, in a fitting "Ode to Africa", I took her to the hospital. Six hours later, she was diagnosed with a bacterial infection and most likely Malaria as well. Kelly and I were both exhausted and hungry come six o'clock when we got in a taxi to head back to campus. At the end of the day, however, Kelly had medication and an explanation for feeling so crummy, and I had read almost an entire book!

The trials and tribulations of the day were all but forgotten when Katie's roommate offered to take us to get dessert. We went to an upscale, hip and happening restaurant and ordered brownie sundaes. On a normal day, I could eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the price of this sundae, but it was SO WORTH IT!

On Saturday, while Kelly got some much needed R & R (much to her dismay), a group of us headed to Krokrobite, a small fishing village about 15 miles outside of Accra. 

The beaches on this stretch of the coast are absolutely beautiful! Palm trees swaying in the wind, white sand, crashing waves, the whole nine yards.

 The sun here is HOT. I lathered up in copious amounts of SPF 45 and still came away with some sunburn. To escape the sun for a few hours, we went to an amazing place for lunch, a restaurant owned by two Italians who moved to Ghana. We treated ourselves to authentic Italian pizza, iced tea, and mango milkshakes. YUM. 

I'll add here that I am becoming more familiar with tro-tros. To get to/from Krokrobite took a combination of 6 tro-tro rides. Today, we hoped on a tro-tro to go stock up on fresh veggies, something we have been seriously lacking lately! We made a pit-stop at the mall on the way back to stop at the "Obroni" grocery store, and made our way back to campus. I still have a long way to go, but I feel like I am building confidence and learning the system a little better each day.

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