Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I have now tried all three of Ghana's most popular dishes: kenkey, banku, and fufu!

Fufu is cassava, platain, or yam (or a combination i.e. cassava and plantain) mashed relentlessly until it forms a gooey ball. The fufu is then cooked without water, becoming ever gooier! It is usually served with some type of soup or sauce.

The large gooey lump is the fufu, it is submerged in groundnut soup and accompanied with goat meat.

The texture of fufu is very feels quite strange going down as the consistency is between that of paste and play-dough. The flavors, however, were great! I really enjoy groundnut soup, it's like melted, spicy peanut butter. I was surprised by the flavor and tenderness of the goat meat, quite tasty really.

Believe it or not, you eat this meal with your hand! I say hand because you are only supposed to use your right hand while eating, in fact, you really shouldn't use your left hand at all. While it is becoming less taboo, using your left hand is a bit of a faux pas because it has been associated with bodily functions/waste in the past. Until fairly recently, children who were left handed were beaten until they became right handed.

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  1. this looks interesting! I think these ingredients could be found in the states too right? Maybe this has potential to be our ghanian meal. Regardless, I think we should make a ghanian feast. You make the Ghanian food, and I will make tempting american sweets for you boo. Love you Em! xoxo times infinity