Monday, January 23, 2012

The University of Ghana

 This morning was our first orientation session through the University. Following the orientation a Ghanaian student took three of my fellow ISEP students and I on a campus tour. The campus is HUGE. I thought Virginia Tech was big...I think it is going to take me 30 minutes to get to class! I might allow even more time to try and avoid showing up sweaty, but I think that is inevitable. 

The U of G Registry

The Registry is atop a very large hill, you can see it at the very top of the map within the oval. ISH (the International Students Hostel) is not pictured on this map, we are way out in the boonies.

We walked around for a few hours. By the end I was a little sunburnt (Yes, I had applied sunscreen) and tired, but I felt like I was developing a sense of direction around campus. I will have the chance to test myself and see if I retained any information because I need to visit the department of each class I wish to take.

In other news, I am feeling significantly better today. The addition of a totally different environment and the absence of sleep and loved ones made for a slightly discouraged Emma. Alex and Thomas were the lucky ones to talk to me during this phase, many thanks to both of you for helping me through it.

I have a significantly more positive outlook today. I am feeling more comfortable and having more fun here by the minute. I have the tendency to be a perfectionist, and I like to excel at what I do. I briefly lost sight of why I came here. I didn't want to transplant my environment from home. I wanted something totally different, something with which I had no experience. It was unfair to expect perfection from myself at this time. Four months from now there will still be many things I don't know about Accra, Ghana, and Africa. However, all I can do while I am here is open myself up to experience as much as possible.

While I know my “Type-A” personality will bear it's somewhat ugly head again in the days to come, I am excited to work on embracing the organized chaos I have encountered here thus far.

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  1. I love the last line of this Em. You got it figured out! Now just to remind yourself...over and over... ;) Believe me. I know how it goes! :) You're doing a very brave and AWESOME thing. Cannot wait to hear about it all in person but I love reading your blog!