Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Desert for Dessert

I have yet to follow a Ghanaian meal with dessert. For anyone who knows me this is HUGE. I am surprised I am still functioning. Luckily, Thomas had given me a bag of gummy lifesavers (...that lasted me through the first night, hehe).

The closet I have come thus far is the Ghanaian “pancake.” These pancakes are like very thick crepes with a honey glaze on top. I have been alternating breakfast each morning between a pancake and a fried egg and beans. I get more mileage out of the fried egg and beans, but I have to get my sugar in while I can!

While I am not eating dessert, I am getting plenty of sugar elsewhere. It is very hot/humid here, and cold water is not always on hand, thus I have been drinking a bit of soda. Blackcurrant Fanta is quickly becoming the drink of choice among my fellow program members and I. I say fellow program members because we are in the awkward transitioning to friends stage. We have graduated from the “What is your major?” conversation, but we are still tip-toeing around a bit. Politics came up at our dinner table tonight, I could feel the heat rising. We have several political science and philosophy majors in our group, so someone is always arguing or “debating” a particular point. Above all, it is just really nice to be getting to know people better!

We went to a Ghanaian pub today to watch Ghana take on Botswana in the Africa Cup. Great atmosphere! Ghana won, 1-0. The Black Stars play in Accra, so we are hoping to get to a game when the Cup is over.


  1. I finally have access to wifi! I can now catch up on what i've missed. That dessert looks very tasty! mmm. Glad you are doing well! <3

  2. I just read all your most recent posts! It seems all so exciting! I miss you so much and can't wait to read more about Ghana! Love you tons and tons and tons :0)