Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Beginning of the End

Packing has commenced! 

After a trip with my mom to Target, TJ Maxx, & REI, I have acquired almost everything I need for my trip...or at least almost everything I have anticipated needing. 

Now I have four days to put the things pictured above (as well towels, sheets, and a few other things that have not yet made it to the packing grounds in my room) into two duffle bags.


Current weather conditions in Oakton, VA at 12:48 PM: Sunny and 30 degrees F
Current weather conditions in Accra (5 hours ahead): Sunny and 91 degrees F


  1. ahhhh excited for you! :0) xoxo I will call you tonight!

  2. 91 degrees?!! Dang. So excited for you!

    - Zak Witter