Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm hereeeeeeeeeeee!

Mom, Dad, and Thomas escorted me to the airport. My flight left IAD at 10:48 PM, and I landed in Accra at 1:50 PM local time. I watched Moneyball with Brad Pitt and then slept uncomfortably on and off for the remainder of the flight. Aside from the seemingly endless tossing and turning on the plane, it seemed like the almost ten hour flight flew by...flew see what I did there? Hehe.

There were several other people from my program on my flight, but I didn't hook up with them until arrival. There are 13 people in my program, but many other international students are here as well.

By the time we all found our luggage, loaded it onto the top of a van, and got to the University of Ghana, it was almost 4:00 PM. After a few hours of unpacking it was time for my first meal in Ghana (see above). I enjoyed some type of fish, chicken, rice, a cabbage salad and fried plantains. 

By 8:00 PM almost all of us gave into our exhaustion and called it a night. I slept soundly until about 11:00 PM.

I spent most of the first day tired and sweaty, but I made it!


  1. awww I love the pics em! I love fried plantains :0) Love you so much and miss you more than you know. xoxo Can't wait to hear more!