Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas for one Traveling to Africa

Some months ago, I had my eye set on a $135 dollar watch. I assumed this would be the big ticket item on my Christmas list. However, that thought became rather silly when my plans finally gelled and I finalized my semester abroad. My upcoming trip (and I would also like to credit mature, adult thinking) yielded a short, practical Christmas list.

Here are some of the practical, fun, and...interesting things I unwrapped on Christmas morning.

 Thomas gave me a Canon PowerShot digital camera, EEK!!!

Mine is all black (very hip and happening), so the box does not show my exact camera. I was so surprised and obviously very excited as a series of unfortunate events lead to the demise of my previous digital camera and I will want to take pictures whilst I am away. THANK YOU, THOMAS!!!


I have wanted a pair of these bad boys for quite some time. It is a little ironic that I will be traipsing around Africa in TOMS, but they are easy to pack, fairly durable, and good for hotter weather (...not to mention they are in my favorite color family, I love a good olive green).

A head lamp and laundry soap

 I have heard the power frequently cuts out, so I think a head lamp will come in handy. I am trying to pack lightly and I will be doing my own laundry, so the travel size laundry soap (fine print: that container holds 50 sheets!) was a clever gift that will be put to very good use.

Hand sanitizer, contraption that allows women to pee standing up, and moist towelettes for all of my bathroom needs

Hand sanitizer is self explanatory, the next item is not. Warning: It's about to get graphic and uncomfortable here folks. To quote the website the pink item in the picture is "a female urination device (sometimes called a FUD) that allows you to urinate while standing up. It's neat. It's discreet. It's hygienic." I encourage you to check out the website,, it is both educational and disturbing. Above all, I know that you all look forward to the blog post that chronicles my first experience using the contraption. 

It was another fantastic Christmas with just a few more laughs than usual. 

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  1. Nice photo shoot with the TOMS brosephina. I'd recognize those baseboards anywhere...