Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tricks of the Trade

I thought I would do a quick post giving you a few simple ways to be more Ghanaian.

1. Drink sachet water

Each sachet is 500 milliliters. The symbol on the bottom right corner signifies that the water quality has been approved by the Ghanaian government...or so they say (My friend Collin shared this with me...

You can buy a single sachet for about 6 U.S. cents, or a pack of 30 for about $1.10. They are sold everywhereeeee and they also end up everywhereeeee on the ground. I would say sachets account for about 70/80% of the trash in Ghana. It's hard to fix this problem, because Ghanaians don't recycle, and sachets provide a cheap and easy way to distribute safe drinking water.

2. Don't eat your orange in slices

Ghanaians peel the (green) skin off oranges, slice the top, and suck out the juice. I, however, have been known to get a little aggressive, often hacking my oranges, because I like to get some of the fruit in addition to the juice.

3. Babies on the back

If you've got a baby, this is the way to carry it. Strollers do no exist here.

I think it's pretty darn cute to see a baby snoozing back there, completely oblivious to the chaos all around them.


  1. hehe aww I like that cuddly little baby :0)

  2. Hehehehe! This is our typical way of doing things. I grew up with these things and I feel home sick when I see all of these I grew up with.
    I'm privileged to have been part with it and the opportunity to get that experience and now I look back and laugh at my childhood.
    I'm very proud o was part of them all.