Sunday, May 13, 2012

Field Day at Mawuvios

Earlier this week, Kelly organized a field day for the kids at Mawuvs.

The kids were divided by age/ability into four groups and they competed in five events: short sprint, long sprint, long run, baseball throw, and long jump.

  group one, the youngest boys and my favorites :)

group 4, the oldest boys...they weren't messin' around #inittowinit

The games lasted about 3 hours. We started around 9 AM, but even then it was HOTTTTTT, so we took a water break and cooled down in shade for a while.

Even though the boys had been running around for hours in the hot sun (mostly without shoes on), they still had energy to climb all over me, hehe.

It was a fun day for all involved :)


  1. awww these are the best pics of your trip. I love the ones with you and the kids. You are so sweet Em,love you miss you! Can't wait until you are back!!!

  2. That's really cool. I wish I were good with kids. Damn, you're doing work with that reading list; I need to start catching up now that finals are over. I'll have some good recommendations for you later.