Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Fastforward one week and I (should) be sitting on the plane, minutes away from take off!

I had my first final yesterday at 7:30 AM. Now, I have three left: Saturday at 7:30 AM, Tuesday at 7:30 AM and Tuesday at 3:30 PM.

...I wish I were a morning person...

In other news, today was a big day.

1) Thomas is back from Rome!


2) Katie left today, making her the first in our program to go.

Byeeeeeeeeeeee, Katie!

After much rearranging and weighing, we think both of her bags were 50 pounds or under...she brought a few extra cedi to the airport in case she needed to give an employee a little somethin' to let an extra pound or two slide...oh, Ghana.

I miss her already.

I think the next week will be a little slow because Katie was one of my main partners in crime and I don't have much to do aside from study.

Here's to my last week in Africa :)

1 comment:

  1. She is the first tribute hehehe. You can do it Em! One week!