Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend with Mumee

What a wonderful three days I have had.

I really can't explain how nice it was to see a familiar face, let alone Mumee's. I am so appreciative of her visit for many reasons. While I hope you are getting a good sense of my life here, you cannot fully understand  without experiencing it. After 8 days on her own throughout Ghana, and 3 days here in Accra with me, Mumee was exposed to "the Ghana way." It was so nice to be able to share everything that comes with this adventure with a loved one. Her companionship was invaluable.
 It just so happens that these two companions are strong believers in the pairing of good company and good food. In three days, we did not have a meal that was anything less than wonderful. While I enjoy Ghanaian food, I find there is little variety. This weekend, however, we manged Ghanaian, Italian, Indian, American, and Turkish. I had waffles one morning for breakfast and cinnamon banana crepes another, so I am tempted to say Belgian and French as well.

We went to two of the top four highest ranked restaurants in Accra. We also visited an authentic Italian gelateria...twice (Mumee knows how severe my sweet tooth is...thank goodness someone understands). I am convinced that the quality will be on par with what I consume in Italy next week. I know that is a bold statement... I'll let you know if it also becomes a true one.

Needless to say, I was LIVIN' THE DREAM. 

There is so much more I could say, but I will leave it at that. The visit has left me renergized, with a happy tummy, and in a fantastic mood.


Here are a few pictures from the sight seeing we did around Accra. 

Independence Arch

View from the parade grounds looking towards the Independence Arch, we thought the red/yellow/green structure could be the Ghanaian eternal flame.

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