Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Quiet Easter

As I have mentioned previously, Ghana is a very religious country. While Christianity is most prevalent, there are also many Ghanaian Muslims and African Traditionalists. In any case, things have been very quiet on campus since most students went home to be with their families for Easter/the long weekend (Friday and Monday = public holidays).

Accra is not a very quiet place, and from what I can tell, Ghanaians don't seem to sleep all that much. Noise only seems to truly subside from about 2:00 AM - 5:00 AM. This morning, however, I did not wake around 6 AM to the sounds of cars backfiring or people shouting.  Of the few people remaining on campus, most were in church services until about noon, so I was able to sleep until 11 AM!!!

Since we weren't able to take our trip this weekend, things have been relatively low key. On Saturday, Katie and I visited two local businesses to buy gifts to bring back home. The first, Trashy Bags, makes bags and gifts from plastic trash. Trash is a HUGE problem in Ghana, it's everywhere and there is no real system in place to dispose of it. The second, Global Mamas, is a non-profit and fair trade organization that helps Ghanaian women to become economically independent. I bought some great things and was really happy to support both Trashy Bags and Global Mamas. 

The majority of my weekend has been spent reading The Hunger Games series. I am on book number three, the last of the series. The plot is so outrageous that I can't seem to put them down. Also, the end of each book is conveniently a complete cliff hanger, so the suspense/my curiosity leave me no choice but to rush to the next book. Sidebar--I'm reading them on Katie's Nook and i'm loving it, I think I might want one. 

Anyway, I welcome the reading because it's keeping me occupied. I'm in great spirits. I miss my family & friends but I'm not really homesick. That being said, my dad emailed me a picture of the fam on a hike yesterday, and I felt a pang of sadness not being there. I miss you guys!

The only thing I really see being a problem during my last 45 days here is my increasing foodsickness. I'm reallllllyyyyyyyy starting to miss the quality and variety of food I have access to at home. I ask those of you eating in your kitchen at home, or Westend, or ABP, or Old Peking, or Chipotle, etc., to think of me :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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